Bishopbriggs Pet & Aquatic Centre
Unit: 2b - HIGH ROAD

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Bishopbriggs Pet & Aquatic Centre is a dedicated,family run pet shop set in Huntershill Village in Bishopbriggs,Glasgow. Established for over 9 years we have a dedicated team of knowledgable staff who offer a friendly, personal and professional service regards all aspects of pet foods,accessories, pet care and responsibility.Our aim is simply to provide the best service possible to all our customers. Remember a Pet is for Life! SMALL ANIMALS We sell Rabbits,Guinea Pigs,Hamsters,Mice,Rats,Chinchillas,Chipmonks,Degus and much more. REPTILE SPECIALISTS We stock all top brand equipment and accessories for all reptiles including Bearded Dragons,Water Dragons,Leopard Geckos,Chameleons,Snakes,Spiders,Stick Insects and even cockroaches! Orders taken for almost any reptiles. AQUATICS With over 40 fish tanks we carry a large supply of both coldwater and tropical fish and again can order almost anything unusual for you if required.We stock Juwel,Arcadia,Marina,Tetra and many more brands.Anything we don't stock we can order in. BIRDS Budgies,Canaries,Finches & Cockatiels are very popular aswell as African Greys,Cockatoos and many more species of birds.We take orders for specific customers requirements and can get conures,plumheads,doves,kakrikis and many more species.

Unit: 2b
Name: Bishopbriggs Pet & Aquatic Centre
Phone: 0141 772 0001
Website: Bishopbriggs Pet & Aquatic Centre