Tigers Training Initiative
Unit: 20 - LOW ROAD

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TIGERS assist, support and direct high numbers of primarily young persons and adults into the world of work. Our uniqueness is demonstrated in our cradle to grave approach that allows us to identify clients we can work with, delivery of training needs, employer engagement and support for sustainable employment by Modern Apprenticeships or wrap around qualifications. TIGERS have entered into strong partnerships with businesses forming a strong engagement profile in the construction and related industries. Our people are our major resource and take pride in our customers receiving a welcoming and life enhancing experience with TIGERS that can lead to pathwaying their learning and career aspirations whilst working with quality businesses. Opening Hours: 8.00am to 5.00pm

Unit: 20
Name: Tigers Training Initiative
Phone: 0141 772 5200
Email: office@tigersltd.co.uk
Website: Tigers Training Initiative